Heart of Gold

wanderlust |ˈwändərˌləst|  noun

a strong desire to travel : a man consumed by wanderlust.

I leave in less than one week. EESH!


Research updates:

  • We (my research professor and I) finally pinned down an Official Research Question before I left KirksVegas for good.  TA-DA:  How do students’ purposes differ when reading for pleasure versus assigned readings?  So, I’m heading in a different direction than I immediately thought.  I found out that I’ll have 18 students in the classroom, but lots of them are in and out of the classroom all day long (special needs, IEP restrictions, etc.)– in fact, I’ll have all 18 kids in the classroom at once for only one hour each day.  So, aside from being a challenge for general every-day-lesson-prep, it also complicates my research.  At first, I thought I would have to include most (if not all) of my students in my sample (bigger sample size = more valid results, right?).  Luckily, with “Action Research,” everything seems pretty qualitative-turned-quantitative (finding patterns in student’s responses and in my daily observations, etc., instead of measuring/timing certain variables) which allows me to work with a much smaller sample.  I can’t really define that yet since I don’t know the students, how the classroom works, or what their reading groups are like, so I’ll have to hold my horses and wait to see what it’s like when I arrive.
  • I have a question, GREAT! Now I actually have to, you know, do some work. The first part of my paper is a literature review, where I basically research what other people have done regarding any part of my research question.  I’ve done a lot of sitting-and-thinking-and-staring-at-my-computer, and what I’ve discovered is this: I really should have started this while I had access to those little cubicles in Pickler.  I am a huge procrastinator in St. Louis!  Making lunch dates and visiting other towns and (oh yes) sleeping in all sound SO much better than reading dense articles. Whew. But I finally got myself together tonight and, after a two-hour nap, began writing. It’s not so bad.

I also got new luggage for Christmas (thanks Momma) and I think I could sleep comfortably in the biggest suitcase, so roomy!  Here’s to hoping I can fit 6 months of necessities (plus some wall art & trinkets; I know, I know, but the need for my room to feel homey and familiar is not something I can just forget) in one suitcase… and here’s to hoping I don’t hate myself for packing so much while I’m lugging it all around the airport.

Still no updates on my address/living arrangements since my last post, but I’ll let you know as soon as I know.

Oh ALSO, I’m pretty excited to say “auf wiedersehen” while I kiss my mom, dad and sister on both cheeks Heidi-style at the flughafen on Sunday.  One day you’re in (America), and the next day you’re out.




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